User Analytics

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User Analytics is an add-on for WP User Frontend plugin that enables you to see analytics data about a user when a post is submitted from the form created by WP User Frontend plugin. It collects IP address of the submitter, country, timezone, browser and operating system information. Let's take a look at how to install this add-on and view the analytics.


Navigate to your WP dashboard->User Frontend->Modules. Find User Analytics and turn on the toggle button on the top right to activate this module.

Now, go to WP User Frontend-> Settings-> General.


If you scroll down, you will see the “Ipstack API Key”. Click on Register Here to get the API key.


Now, get your API key from your Ipstack account.

ipstack api

Now, paste the API onto your Ipstack API option. And hit Save changes to finish.


View Analytics

  • To see the analytics information, first log in to your WordPress dashboard (not from front-end) and go to All Posts.
  • Find and click on the post you want to see analytics data from. (The post will open in edit view.)
  • In the post editing screen, scroll down and you will see a box titled Post Author Analytics Info.
wp front end user analytics

There you go! You can now track the location of a user when they submit a post as well as see what browser and operating system they are using. Please note that the analytics data will be available only to the posts submitted after the User Analytics add-on has been installed and activated.

Walk-through of the module