Creating a Profile Editing Form

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When you are making a registration form, you get two shortcodes:

  1. For embedding the registration form: this is something like [wpuf_profile type="registration" id="3573"]
  2. For profile edit page: this is something like [wpuf_profile type="profile" id="3573"]

You already know that how to make a registration form in WP User Frontend Pro and embed that into a page. The very same process is for creating the profile edit page.

How to get the shortcode

I assume that you already have created a registration form. If not you can use the default registration form, that was created automatically while installing the plugin.

So to get the shortcode, navigate to wp-admin -> User Frontend -> Registration forms and you will be able to see the shortcodes on the right side of your screen.


How to use the shortcode

Now you just have to copy and paste that shortcode into a page. When an user clicks the link to that page, that means visiting the page will show the fields with the data the user entered earlier.


That's it! Let us know in our forums, if you need any more detailed information, let us know in our forums 🙂