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My Account

The “My Account” settings can be found in wp-dashboard→User Frontend→Settings → My Account.

You will get three options in the “My Account” settings:

Account Page

 To help your users show their respective account details, you must use this option. Make sure that you have created and published a page with the shortcode:[wpuf_account] After that, select the page containing the shortcode from the dropdown list. If you don't use this shortcode then users won't be able to see the details of their respective account.

Your users will be able to see five options. They are:

  1. Dashboard: Your users can easily navigate to their individual dashboard by clicking this option.
  2. Posts: The users can see their submitted posts with this option if they click on it.

  1. Edit Profile: Users can directly update their profile with this option.

After filling out the fields, they must hit the “Update Profile” button to save the changes.

Show Subscription

Checking this option will add an extra menu item called “Subscription“.

By clicking on the ‘Subscription‘ option, users will be able to see the subscription packages they subscribe to.

Show Billing Address

Checking this option will add an extra menu item called “Billing Address“.

Using the “Billing Address” option, users will be able to see their respective billing addresses.

Please note that in either of the three cases, you will have to ensure saving the changes by clicking on the “Save Draft” button.

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