Elementor Add-ons and Widget Library Compared

If you are interested about creating amazing looking web pages for your WordPress site without any coding, drag and drop page builders are the best option for you. And guess what, Elementor is one of the fast growing and popular page builders for WordPress in the recent times.

And the recent growth of Elementor represents it's popularity. It provides useful widgets (elements) so that you can build your desired web page. The pro version has more professional looking elements than the free one. However, it may lack some of the special elements that are needed for specific designs. This is where third-party addons of Elementor comes in. They provide you with special elements for free that are not even in the pro version of Elementor.

Besides that, the elements you get with the different Widget Libraries for Elementor do not follow a generalized set of rules. That is why you might feel confused at times seeing the names. You may even find multiple elements with the same functionality but named differently. 

Introduction to Elementor

Elementor is a very powerful plugin. It currently has 53 elements which serve various purpose. Still, there are enough areas where Elementor can improve. Nonetheless Elementor has already produced a very healthy ecosystem.

You can very easily fall in love with Elementor. And why shouldn't you?

Previously, building a website needed days of pre-planning and then writing never-ending pages of code. But now, with Elementor you can build Websites in minutes.

No need to code anymore. Yes. Good news for bloggers.

However if you are planning to switch to Elementor it is a better idea to get the Paid version. The number one reason for this is, down the line you might start feeling frustrated due to the limitations. For advanced users, if you don’t get the pro version you will not get the custom CSS feature. Which can be really frustrating.

Secondly, Elementor free version doesn’t include half the actual number of templates in that you will get with Elementor Pro.

Do you have a online store built with WooCommerce?

Then you definitely need the Elementor Pro. You get specific elements that are built for using with WooCommerce sites only. Furthermore, with Elementor you cannot run marketing campaigns effectively! The sole reason behind this is the absence of a Form element. However you will get one with the Pro version.

And equally important is the feature of embedding Elementor created content anywhere. However, this feature is not available in core or free. So, you will need the paid version to get that feature.

Another fancy and useful feature of Elementor Pro is the Global Widget. You can include one section in three different places. But making changes to the original copy will automatically update the other three.

Why Third Party Elementor Add-ons

To enrich the Drag and Drop Page Building experience, there are a dozen third party Addons for Elementor. There are both Single Purpose Addons and Top-notch Widget Libraries.

You don't need the Addons to just expand the functionality of the core Elementor plugin. There are many elements that come with the paid version of Elementor but comes free with its Widget Library Addons. A great way to save some money, right?

Furthermore, 53 elements is, on average 32% less than 77 elements (Elementor + Addons for Elementor) and 89 elements (Elementor + Essential Addons).

Apart from that, you will be getting many special purpose elements with the add-ons for example – advanced pricing, team, social elements, creative elements, form styling elements, countdown etc. 

Using Elementor Pro with a third-party add-on, you can get something that you have looking for inside a page builder. It not only extends the features and functionalities, it also makes sure you have everything in your arsenal to make the most professional looking website for you or your business.  

Is The Size of Widget Library a Good Indicator of its Usefulness

Elements are the building blocks for your Website. You can drag them from the Elementor side panel and drop them on the builder interface. The many elements on a WordPress websites are fundamentally different from each other depending on the placement of the text, graphic and its layout. 

Now if you say why should you use specific elements rather than a generalized one, the answer is it saves time. Otherwise you would have to first setup the layout, then insert the content. Furthermore, Elementor offers you specific elements with specific usage and a organized pallet of customization option for the content. Elementor framework also enables you to treat every element inside the framework in a generalized way. 

And most importantly, every Widget Library uses the same Elementor framework and displays the same builder interface. You can see that the customization options for each element is always organized under three broad headers – Content, Style and Advanced. So, we can consider the diversity and the size of a Widget Library as a primary indicator of its usefulness.

What This Blog Will Look Into

This blog will compare the top 3 widget libraries for Elementor.

1. Elementor Extra 
2. Essential Addons for Elementor
3. Addons for Elementor 

You can expect to see these widget libraries being judged on their diversity and uniqueness. What good is it, if a third party widget library offers the same elements that you get with the core Elementor plugin?

This blog has compared widget libraries on 5 broad element types. Namely- Form Styler, Content, Dynamic Content, Marketing, Creative elements & Social elements.

Lets compare the Form Styler elements


Elementor Extra

Gravity Forms

Contact Form 7


Ninja forms

Caldera Forms​

You can insert Contact Form, Registration Form, Survey Form, Sign-up Form, Payment Form created with a Form-Builder Plugin with a single Elementor Element. Widget Library-Essential Addons for Elementor offers 5 Form-Styler Elements, which is more than any other widget-library out there.

The best thing about these elements is that you get to treat your forms just like any other website element.

Lets compare the Content Elements


Elementor Extra


Testimonials Slider

Team Members


Info Box

Dual color headline

Icon Lists

Creative Buttons

Flip Box


Data Table




The primary purpose of Content Elements is to let you create content. However you will see Widget-libraries including multiple content elements with different names which basically have the same functionality. This is due to the special terms we have given to texts according to their placement and layout in a given web-page. For example Addons for Elementor offer 3 content elements which apparently have different names and different functions but they can be built using the simple Heading or Text Editor element in the core Elementor library. On the other hand, you can save a lot of time by using the Addons directly as you will get the layout pre-built with the element. Both Essential Addon and Addons for Elementor have nearly the same number of elements for content creation.

Lets compare the Dynamic Content Elements.


Elementor Extra

Post block

Post Grid

WooCommerce Grid

Post Timeline

Post Carousel

Portfolio Grid

Instagram Feed

Dynamic ElementsLets offer a variety of functionality. For example the most basic Dynamic Element “Post Grid” lets you select multiple posts on your website and arrange them in an elegant grid or block framework. With other advance Dynamic Elements like the “Instagram Feed” you can display images uploaded on a Public Instagram Account on your WordPress Website.

Lets look at the Creative Elements


Elementor Extra

Content Timeline

Image Comparison

Gallery Elements



Circle Progress



Static Prooduct

Fancy text

Progress bar

Interactive Cards

Interactive Promo

Counters Odometers

Lightbox and Modal


HTML5 Video

Generic Carousel

Flip Carousel

Image Carousel

The small details of your Website are the most important. The different colors on your Website must complement the content. Creative Element “Lightbox and Modal” can be set to trigger only when a certain task is performed. This simple concept lets you add the right amount of action to your content.

Elementor Extra has the most rich Creative Elements. Some of their elements are the first of its kind, like HotSpot. However they do not have a free version.

Lets see the Marketing Elements


Elementor Extra

Call to Action

Pricing Table


Both Essential Addon and Addons for Elementor have the same number of marketing elements. 

Lets see the Social Elements


Elementor Extra

Facebook Feed

Facebook Carousel

Twitter Carousel

Twitter Feed

No other widget library has included social elements as much as Essential Addons


Firstly, the biggest drawback of Elementor Extra is that it doesn't have a free version. Although it offers the most diverse Creative Elements bundle. Whereas Addons for Elementor and Essential Addons both offer Free and Pro plans. Essential Addons have two types of bundle that no other Widget Library has. The Social and Form-Styler element bundle. Furthermore the Form Styler is completely free.

CurveBall-Who Takes the Crown?

For Professional use we recommend Essential Addons as it has one feature that no other widget library has. It is not a specific element that sets Essential apart from the rest. Essential Addons has tried to improve the core Elementor plugin. 

You can toggled on & off  elements from the Essential Addon library as required. Which means your website will not need to load the bulk of the widget library instead it will load only those elements which are turned on. This reduces the load time of your Elementor page and ensures the best page building experience.


Elementor Extra

Total Elements




Free Elements




Active Installs








Final Words

The unique features put Essential Addon at the top of the list combined with their rich widget library (36 elements). If you have a firm comprising of multiple departments you will be mostly benefited using Essential Addon. It has the perfect combination of elements required for building a professional looking Website. On the other hand, due to the dozens of free elements, Essential Addons is best suited for every WordPress Enthusiast.

Have you been using any of the widget libraries mentioned above? Please let us know your honest feedback. We would love to hear from you.

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