How To Start Affiliate Marketing In WordPress With A Perfect Niche (Pro Tips For Beginners)

Affiliate marketing is very popular as a term on the web. Every day, thousands of people are making a search on how to start Affiliate Marketing or make money online. You will definitely get so many articles on this topic. Most of them are full of common tips.

Only a few of them are sharing the real scenario. As we also have an Affiliate Program we get the opportunity to communicate with them and finally, we came out with some actionable tips with essential tools and lists of popular WordPress product companies that would help you get a go!

When your sales will increase, you will be happy to find yourself on the way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing at a Glance

Affiliate Marketing Tips for WrodPress users

Basically, Affiliate Marketing means earning money as commissions by promoting others' products or services (it even could be a person or company) through your channel.

Process of Affiliate Marketing

  • Find your Niche to promote & join popular Affiliate Program
  • Create contents on your niche using referral links
  • Earn 20-100% commissions from your promotional contents

It seems so easy, right?

But nowadays- it's not such easy as it looks! You have to build trust between the buyer and seller. Too much promotional content failed to convert visitors into customers.

So you have to be careful while promoting your targeted products or services.

Don't worry here we will share all the aspects to become a successful affiliate marketer. Before jumping to the main part you can get a vivid idea from the famous digital Marketer Neil Patal.

What is Affiliate Marketing And How Can You Leverage It

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The Affiliate Program provider of your niche may track your affiliate activities in so many ways. But all the tracking starts from the referral link which you have generated from their program.

The affiliate link basically creates a cookie on the visitors' browser. From the cookie, your affiliate owner tracks the activity of your visitor. When the visitor buys from your referral link, owners make a profit and keeps your portion from the revenue amount for your tremendous effort and support.

This is how affiliate marketing actually works.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing from The Scratch?

Starting Affiliate Marketing Blog

You can start affiliate marketing through your blog easily by following the 6 steps below.

  1. Create a website
  2. Choose an industry and find out the niche
  3. Conduct research for your desired product
  4. Signup for the affiliate programs of your selected industry
  5. Create contents with proper optimization
  6. Publish, Promote and Repeat- again & again!

Create a Website

Creating a website nowadays is very easy. With WordPress, you can build and customize your site without investing a huge amount of money. To create a website you have to choose a domain name with a smart hosting plan.

For WordPress, you can choose your domain-hosting plan from these companies.

  • Kinsta
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • Namecheap
  • WP Engine
  • Cloudways
  • Pressable
  • In Motion Hosting

You will find the essential tools which will help you manage your affiliate work immediately after this step.

Choose Your Industry and Find out a Niche

Find a suitable industry which you like most. Then select your niche to start your blogging. as we said earlier. One thing you need to keep in your mind is that without loving the industry you will not able to get closer to that and finally your target will not fulfill.

How to start affiliate marketing with ease

So please keep this in your mind while selecting the industry to promote from your blog.

Conduct Research for Your Desired Product

You have to conduct research for the products you want to run your affiliate program with. Collect data as much as you can and keep notes. If possible try the product from your end.

When you use the product you can cover all the areas of your selected products. You can try any WordPress Plugin and Theme for free from the WordPress.Org repository.

That's why we suggest you choose WordPress as your affiliate industry.

Signup for The Affiliate Programs

Now join the affiliate programs of popular companies from your selected niche industry. You can go for the Amazon Affiliate Program. But here, we will share how easily you can make a profit by joining the WordPress Industry. If you like to see now then jump to the last part of this article.

Create Contents with Proper Optimization

When you have all the relevant information of your product you can easily write a review or promotional content for your product. You can follow the Pros & Cons style or you can choose your own style.

Take inspirations from popular authors writing style then try to build your own style. But you have to optimize your content to get ranked on the Google top search. Otherwise, you would fail to get your desired traffic as well as sales.

So SEO is mandatory. We have prepared an SEO checklist for you on how you can start your SEO.

SEO Checklist For A New WordPress Website
SEO Checklist For A New WordPress Website

Publish, Promote and Repeat!

After publishing a blog, tutorial, or comparison post, don't stop from your side. Give time and promote it. And start to do RnD for a new product. You have to continue your work. And there isn't any particular time limit. Otherwise, your site won't rank in Alexa ranking and you would fail to generate target leads.

And it is also a matter of credibility. When a visitor comes to your site and finds that you are not active on your site it will create an impact on your visitor's mind. And ultimately all your efforts will go in vain.

Common Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing

Common mistakes in Affiliate marketing

In this section, we will share some common errors made by bloggers while doing affiliate marketing through their articles. And also share the remedies to avoid these errors.

Targeting too Many Categories at The Same Time

We found that over half of the affiliate marketers start promoting different types of products for the sake of quick profit. Sometimes they add products that are totally not relevant to their target audience. Please don't do that.

Stick on your plan and wait for your desired moment. If you are ok with your plan, it will definitely work. Remember, your audience is your asset. Don't lose them.

Ignoring Premium Themes and Plugins

Most of us start their blogging site with the freemium facility of the WordPress ecosystem. It's good to kick start with this plan but when you grow, you will face so many unavoidable issues.

Moreover, some of us take the wrong initiative to use even nulled plugins and themes. Nulled plugins and themes may full of malicious code. A few months ago, our CTO Tareq Hasan shared his experience with a Nulled Plugin while testing that in his local environment.

We hope you will understand how you would be affected by nulled plugins or themes. Give a read to this article.

Why You Need To Discontinue Using Nulled WordPress Plugins On Your Site
Why You Need To Discontinue Using Nulled WordPress Plugins On Your Site

Sharing Unfit Products

Sometimes, for the sake of instant profit, many of us allow sponsored guest post on their site without knowing the details about the products. If you do that, your site's credibility will be questioned.

You have to stick on your point. Think bigger and wait for the right moment.

These are some of the most common mistakes are occurred by affiliate marketers. We hope you will not do the same.

Bonus Point:

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing here is an ultimate Ebook prepared by Thirsty Affiliate.

Essential Tools, Plugins & Themes for Affiliate Marketing in WordPress

As we have promised in the 1st part of this article that we will share some essential tools for Affiliate Marketing. So, check out the list. Here we have added some must-have plugins and tools which will help you boost up your sales.


Thirsty Affiliates
Try Thirsty Affiliates for Free

As an affiliate marketer, you have to monetize your WordPress site and Thirsty Affiliates would give you the facility. It will help you in adding links in your WordPress Blog. According to successful affiliate marketers, it's one of the best solutions in the market.

A survey was conducted by Istiak Rayhan, founder of WP Leaders, where ThirstyAffiliates wins the race.

Thirsty Affiliate is the Best Link manager.
Facebook Poll created by Istiak Rayhan

They have premium features also. Price starts from $49 for a single site.

Ad Inserter

AD Inserter
Try Ad Inserter for free

Inserting Ad to an optimal position seems challenging. Ad inserter has all the features which will help you feature your ads in your site. It will allow you to add opt-in forms, header scripts, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, analytics, tracking or advert code anywhere on the page.

Maybe you can ask us why we choose it as the best one of all the AD Manager plugins! Here is your answer-

1,009 users shared their feedbacks saying that it helped them the best. This large group of people couldn't be wrong.

Ad Inserter also has a premium service. The premium plan starts from $20 for two sites.

MailChimp For WordPress

MailChimp for WordPress
Try Free MailChimp for WordPress

When a visitor comes to your site for the first time through any of your articles, don't miss the chance of inviting him to give a visit again.

This plugin will help you collect the visitor's email through Newsletter subscription offers. In the premium version, you will get the customization facility. The premium package starts from $59.

Popups by OptinMonster

Try OptinMonster for Free

To generate more sales you need to build your email lists. To attract your visitors you need to place pop up forms with the exciting offer or free guides or anything else. In the case of popup maker along with lead generation perspective, OptinMonster is the best option.

With this tool, you can create lightbox popups, slide-in signup forms, sidebar forms, after post signup forms, floating bars, and more with tracking and reporting facility.

They have premium support, but too much pricy. Their basic plan starts from $19 per month.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics -weDevs
Google Analytics Tool – Google

It's a free tool by Google mostly used by all the site owners of this time. You can track your visitors, all sort of data. You can find the most visited contents. By knowing the graphs you can then make your decisions for the next step what should you have to take. If you want to configure Google Analytics for WordPress here is tutorial by JAKSON,

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress – Tutorial by Jakson

Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console)

Google Web Master Tools

If you want to get a huge amount of organic traffic, then Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) is the best option for you. It's a day to day using tools for Affiliate Marketers.

You can find the top relevant keywords which are suitable for your site. If your site has issues, you can easily find it with Google Search Console.

Here is a beginner level guide for Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools).



SEMrush is a famous tool to analyze your competitors. As it's high time for competition, you need to be aware of your competitors. For example, which Keywords are giving them more traffic in your niche; you can find it easily through SEMrush.

Use Super Fast WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes
WordPress Themes

Building a WordPress site is too much easy but it's so tough to ensure the speed of your site. If your site loads too slow then your visitor will leave you and reward you with a high amount of bounce rate.

To solve this problem, you need to choose a super light theme that will help you to optimize your site speed.

Here are some of the best lightweight themes for WordPress sites.

WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager
Try WP Project Manager for Free

Maybe you have a doubt in your mind that why should I need a project management tool for affiliate marketing! You can manage your whole work with Excel sheets. Right? Let allow us to clear your doubts.

There are too many works you have to manage while running a blogging site. You have to maintain prior works along with works after publishing a content. Sometimes you have to outsource your work and with WP Project Manager you can track your works easily. It's too tough to track your team members' works in excel sheets. Here is a Project Management guideline how you can manage your work with WP Project Manager Plugin.

Managing Projects Made Easy with WP Project Manager
Managing Projects Made Easy with WP Project Manager

A wise saying by Santanu Debnath (Founder of,

3 skills you need to be a better blogger or content marketer.
1️⃣ Consistency
2️⃣ Consistency
3️⃣ Consistency

Our WP Project Manager will help you to be a consistent blogger as you can set your milestone to your projects. And this will push to stay focus on your target.

Bonus Tool For Writing: Grammarly

Grammarly the writing tool
Grammarly Best Writing Tool

You may give an excuse to everyone that you are not a Native English Speaker but it won't help you to grow your business. Your visitors will not consider any sort of error or misspelled words in your writing.

To overcome the errors you can rely upon Grammarly. They have just created an awesome tool. Freemium features will cover more than your basic needs. But in premium features, you will get the plagiarism checker and many more.

10 Actionable Tips To Increase Affiliate Sales

After doing all sorts of works correctly if you failed to meet your desired goal then you need to stay calm and rethink about what you can do next. If you really want to increase your sales, try in a different way.

In this section, we will share some actionable tips which will definitely help you to increase your affiliate sales.

Find Out Some of Your Popular Posts

First of all, you have to find popular or top-performing content on your site. You can easily identify the popular one by taking help from Google Analytics. Follow this navigation.

Google Analytics> Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

How to find popular posts on your site with Google Analytics
How to find popular posts with Google Analytics

After finding the popular content, you should restructure your plan. Try to get the best output from these posts and also improve related posts' performance through these posts. Here is how.

  • Link your relevant contents
  • Share your affiliate link where it's possible
  • Try to promote relevant products on the same article

Shapes Your Contents to ‘Sales Generating Posts'

When you find some contents which are good at making sales you need to reshape the content. The best way to make it more sales-centric content. There are no fixed ways of how you can make a sale generating content.

You have to do it trial and error basis. But you can follow these tricks to kick start your practice,

  • You can make it more readable by removing distracting pop-ups, sidebar from that content. So that reader will be more focused on your content.
  • Optimize your images, which will help you to increase the site speed.

Add Tables to Your Blog Posts

Adding a table is the most important part of your blog. It helps the reader to find the relevant information in a short span of time. If you add a comparison table then it becomes more helpful for the readers to buy your product without leaving your site. They will get all the info in a simple table.

There are many plugins available to make tables but if you are looking for specific pros & cons table here is a free one ‘JoomDev WP Pros & Cons'.

WP Pros & Cons

Display Target Affiliate & Relevant Offers in Sidebar/Footer

In your popular posts which get huge visitors but can't make sales, you can attract users by sharing some relevant offers to the sidebar or in the footer. But be careful about that too much ad also distracts users and loses the readability of your content.

Here is an example of how you can place your ad in the sidebar.

Relevant Product's Side Banner AD
Relevant Product's Side Banner AD

This site sharing banner ads of eCommerce platforms, Dokan, and Shopify in a comparison blog.

Exit-intent Popup Will Help You Increase Sales

Exit-intent popups always remain successful for increasing the number of your email list. But you can use it for your selling purpose. Share an exciting offer of your products given by the owner of the products. This will help you convert your sales.

Here is an example of exit-intent by ThriveLeads,

exit intent popup examples thrive lead
Exit Intent PopUp With Thrive Lead

A proper guideline for you to make an exit-intent popup with Thrive leads.

Their plan starts from $67 for a single site.

Add Affiliate Links Automatically to the Specified Keywords of Your Older Posts

Most of us missed adding affiliate links to our beginning time blogs. But those contents become assets day by day. The challenge is- if you want to add links to those blogs in specific keywords manually, it will kill your valuable times. In this case, Thrives affiliates will help you to add links to specific keywords.

Here is a complete tutorial about how you can add links automatically to specific keywords,

But it's a premium feature. Their premium plan starts from $ 49.

Hide Affiliate Links from Your Banner

Due to the disturbance of the ADs on web pages, readers use AD blockers to get rid of that. But it also hampers the marketers to cut revenue from ADs. The AD Blockers are now too strong. They also remove the affiliate links from the Banner ads, if you use the direct affiliate links.

You need to hide your affiliate links to ensure your revenue. You can hide your affiliate links with Thirsty Affiliate Plugin. Or you can use Pretty Link Plugin.

Here is a complete guideline on how you can hide your affiliate link by Roadtoblogging.

Hiding Affiliate links
Hiding Affiliate Links

Call to Action Buttons will Increase The Possibility of Sale

CTA always attracts visitors' attention. You may already see that we add several CTA in this blog. You can try any of these. Eye Button will help you to convert more sale.

Add Affiliate Links To Image/videos & Captions

Images create a visual representation at your blog. You can insert image link to your images there is a high chance to get more clicks to that. And you have the freedom to insert a link at your image caption.

If your visitor like the image they may pay a visit to that link. And you get your desired attention. Here is an example of how you can add a link to your images or videos and its captions.

Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Plugin – weDevs

Try Deep Linking Method

It's a very essential trick.

Deep linking means creating different affiliate links for different pages. If you are writing about special product features then try to add the feature page or pricing page rather than the home page of your product.

It will help you in conversion. As the visitor will not be distracted. Deep linking is working great in this way.

For example, if you are writing about our Dokan Multivendor plugin's features then you need to link its feature page rather than the Dokan's home page. We found it helps to convert more.

Try to Write Problem Solving Articles

There is a wise saying,

People don’t care about your business, they care about their problems. Be the solution that they are looking for – Melanie Dodaro

We hope that you have already understood what we want to share. So, try to write some articles about your products on how a product would solve a particular problem of your audience. When they would find the solution to their problem, they would definitely the products.

These are some essential tricks for increasing affiliate sales. Actually, you need to do trial & error test to boost up your affiliate sales. But keep a record of every single test to increase your sales.

If you are able to do so, you can find your own way out to maximize your sales target on a regular basis. Now you will find the best affiliate programs in the WordPress Niche in the bellow segment.

Best Affiliate Programs within WordPress Industry

You can generate a huge amount of revenue from the WordPress industry with your niche. This industry has so many sectors to look back and has the maximum possibility to earn from each segment.

Here we listed down some of the best affiliate programs in the WordPress Ecosystem. We have divided it into three sections.

Web Hosting Affiliate Program in WordPress

You may have questions about how much I earn from hosting referrals. Listen to the voice of the best marketer Rebel on ‘How to Make Your First Dollar Online.

Location Rebel

Here is the list of the WordPress web hosting affiliate programs along with commission rate & joining link,

Hosting ProvidersCommissions/
Joining Link
KinstaEarn up to $500 for every referral + 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions.
Cloudwaysflexible commissions (but very good)
WP Engine$200 per sale plus $50 for every sub-affiliate sale
SiteGroundup to $100+/sale
Bluehost$65 per sale
Godaddy15% commissions
InMotionTier starts at $50/sale up to $120 per sale
HostGator$50 – $125 per sale
NameCheapUp to 35% per sale
Hostinger60% per sale

PS: You may have a question, that why I placed Kinsta on the top? Actually, they are offering a great deal for their affiliate partners. Moreover, they are too much co-operative. You can reach them easily through any social Channel at any time.

For example, we are just doing a simple social survey for collecting the review on the Best Affiliate Program in the WordPress Ecosystem. CMO of Kinsta- Brian Jackson, commented on that post and shared his opinion.

This is just an example. Hope you will enjoy dealing with them.

Affiliate Programs of Popular WordPress Plugins

In this WordPress Ecosystem, there are so many plugin-developer companies and they are offering attractive affiliate programs. Here we have listed only those who are famous for their co-operative attitude and time to time payout facilities.

For example, if you join weDevs‘- affiliate program you can earn up to $200 from one single sale. weDevs offer a 20% commission for every successful sale. If you are able to sale Dokan Plugin Enterprise Plan ($999) you will earn $199.8 which is almost $200.

Affiliate Partnership Program
weDevs Affiliate Partnership Program- Click to Join Now

Here are other popular affiliate programs from WordPress Plugin-developer companies. Check this out.

Plugin CompanyCommission Per SaleJoining Link
WP ERP20% for each sale
WP Rocket20% for each sale
Elementor Page Builder50% per Sale​
Visual ComposerUp to $139 from a single sale
Beaver Builder25% commission
ImagelyEarn up to $100
Soliloquy20% per sale
Thirsty Affiliates30% per sale
Blogvault20% commission
Perfmatters20% commission per sale
ThemeumEarn up to 300 USD
MalCare20% commission
CodeCanyon30% of each new person’s first cash deposit
WP Coupons and Deals40% commission
Thrives Themes & Plugins35% commission
All In One SEO Pro40% commission
SEOPressor50% Commission Forever
AffiliateWP20% commission
Easy Digital Downloads10% Commission
Schema Pro30% commission on all sales
Convert Pro50% Affiliate Commission on all Sales
WP Simple Pay20% commission
Restrict Content Pro20% commission ReferralsEarn up to a $300 commission
Smart Slider 330% of every purchase
GS Plugins30% from each sale

Affiliate Program of Popular WordPress Themes

As like as the plugins, there are so many theme-developer companies are available in the WordPress industry. They also are offering affiliate programs. Here we listed a few of them.

Theme CompanyCommissionJoining Link
Elegant Themes50% commission per sale
MyThemeShop55% commission per sale
StudioPress35% of StudioPress theme sales
ThemeForest30% of each new person’s first purchase
Astrastarting from $17 to $210 on every sale
OceanWP30% per sale
Themeisle55% commissions on all sales
Generatepress35% commission on every sale
WP Zoom30% from Sales
TeslaThemes25% on each sale
Templatemonster10% commission
MysteryThemes30% from Sales
iThemes25% in commission for sales
Themify40% commission on any sale
Thrive ThemesEarn 35% on every sale
RadiusTheme20 – 30 % commission for each first sale
inkThemes30 % commission for each first sale

Popular Affiliate Networks

Besides the plugin & themes' affiliate programs, there are some popular affiliate networking sites. Where you can find so many products to promote.

Basically, many of the companies don't want to handle affiliate programs on their site. So that they share their products with these affiliate networks. Get some affiliate networking sites.

Note: Before joining any Affiliate Program, Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully.

4 Tricks to Becoming A Succesful Affiliate Marketer (Bonus Tips!)

Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer
Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

As you already know that starting a career in Affiliate Marketing requires almost nothing but your passion; it's also easy to become a successful online affiliate marketer by following a few steps. Have a look at below points-

Review Products Or Services Honestly

The best practice is to share an honest review of your target niche product or service. It could be done by blogging, making a youtube video or just going live through social channels.

Create a Loyal Base of Customers

You have to collect emails to reach them on a regular basis. You can collect emails through inviting your visitors to subscribe in your Newsletter List. As your list grow, the possibilities of increasing sale will also be high.

Don't forget to nurture them properly, since only list-creating doesn't bring any result.

Create Joint Venture Webinars

Joint Venture Webinars is the best way to increase sales as well as the email list. It will make your content more credible. It creates a psychological impact on your visitor's mind. And when your email list will grow you can reach your audiences on a regular basis which helps you to increase your sale.

Pay Per Click Advertising

It's the ultimate way to increase the traffic of your site as well as sale. Many of the affiliate marketers missed that part. PPC Advertising also helps you to retarget your visitor to show the relevant products.

If you follow these tricks we hope you will join the leader board.

Join weDevs Affiliate Program

Opportunity to earn $200 from each sale

If you are planning for launching a niche site focusing on startup companies or simply a blog on WooCommerce and WordPress, we encourage you to apply for our affiliate program- weDevs Affiliate. We have created some essential plugins which help the entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses with ease.

Once approved your application, you will receive access to support, tracking, reporting, payments, and have your own unique affiliate link to track every referral you generate. Have a look at below screenshot.

Affiliate Program made easy by weDevs

You can contact our dedicated affiliate managers at any business hour and get the full flexibility to consult with any matter about affiliate marketing. We love to see the success of our affiliate partners.

So, are You Interested to Choose WordPress as Your Niche?

We have tried to give you a vivid guideline to maximize your affiliate marketing sale along with some popular affiliate program providers within WordPress Industry. Now it's your turn to imply the methods in your works.

Actually, we will be happy when your sale will cross your previous limit by using our techniques. Don't forget to share your opinions with us. Have a good day.

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