Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Beginners

With over 2.9 billion users, Facebook is the most popular social networking site across the globe. And no other social networking platform precedes the number of Facebook users today. This means, as a marketer you have a huge possibility to reach your desired users utilizing Facebook marketing strategies.

In today's post, I shall be showing you some useful Facebook marketing tips and ideas that can enhance your customer engagement by getting the most out of this popular digital marketing platform.

Why Is Facebook Marketing Important?

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform on the web to date, as I already mentioned. What's more!

The popularity of Facebook is constantly on the rise. Here is how it is skyrocketing into the deep space!

Facebook user growth over the years to finalise facebook marketing strategy
Source: statista

The followings are the comparative advantages if you are going to use Facebook as your marketing platform:

  • You can reach the highest number of audience
  • To reach only your targeted audience
  • Generate more leads
  • To boost your website traffic
  • Lower your marketing cost
  • To get statistics of your marketing campaign easily
  • To build brand loyalty
  • Boosting SEO and brand visibility
  • To retarget your lost customers

Not only that, you have countless advantages while using Facebook.

Facebook Marketing for Small Business: Proven Tips & Tricks

Irrespective of the business you are running, you should maintain a Facebook Page and a Facebook group. If you already do have these two, try implementing the following ideas.

1. Get the Most out of Facebook through Organic Reach

Facebook organic reach is when you do not spend money on the distribution of your contents but people can see your post. The main advantage of organic reach in the Facebook marketing strategy is that you don't have to pay for anything.

Organic reach of Facebook marketing strategy
Source: Neil Patel

However, it has been quite difficult in recent years to stand out in the increasing stream of posts on the Facebook news feed.

Fortunately, with newer techniques and ingenious ideas, you can reach more people. For instance, you can get your post appeared better by using Facebook groups instead of using a mere Facebook page.

How to Ensure Maximum Customer Engagement

content team to implement facebook marketing strategy

Establish Your Unique Selling Proposition

USP or Unique Selling Proposition is the key to be successful in any business. If you are competing with strong competitors without the unique value then you can never outrun them. Therefore, you must offer a unique selling proposition that your competitors can not compete with.

For example, Facebook and LinkedIn are basically competing with each other. But Facebook focuses more on casual networking while the latter highlights on career and job centric networking.

This unique value proposition will keep your customers more engaged with your brand. And this is the reason why the visitors will keep visiting your Facebook page or your website repeatedly.

Create Unique Content

Increase WordPress Blog Traffic by facebook marketing strategy

Creating a treasure trove of knowledge for the industry you are involved in opens the window to build a strong reader base. Your loyal readers will create discussion thread on your posts provided that you are helping with problem-solving contents.

The same thing also goes for Facebook page and groups.

Arranging Exciting Competitions

You can arrange competitions related to your industry on Facebook pages. For example, you can ask your fans to share a piece of your content and in return, you can randomly select 10 users to give exclusive gifts.

Conducting Surveys

No matter what type of business you are operating, you must conduct surveys to understand the actual customer needs.

Conduct Survey for facebook marketing strategy

To this end, you can use Facebook page or groups to ask your audience to know what sorts of contents they want to read or what type of products they want.

Using Multimedia Contents

It's of great importance to use videos or images for the text you share on Facebook.

Video statistics of facebook marketing strategy
Source: Pinterest

Plain text will not stand apart in the flood of the news feed and so you need to draw your audience attention with impressive photos and videos that elicit their interest.

Take Care of Your Fans

You must be proactive in the case of any customer queries. Also, you must grow the feeling on their mind that you really care about them.

You can use different types of social media monitoring platform like Hootsuite, Nelio, CoSchedule to measure audience interactions.

Using AI Messenger Bot

Facebook marketing chatbot

With artificially intelligent Facebook messenger, you can instantly help your audience queries even if you are sleeping. To utilize this amazing service we suggest you go through this article to build your own Facebook messenger bot. And get the desired results of the Facebook marketing strategy.

Target Your Messages to Reach the Right Customers

To reach the right customers, you must target your audience properly. You can use Facebook Insights to understand your Facebook user behavior better. You can specify targeting options like setting the Gender, Relationship Status, Interests, Location, Age and other demographics variable before going to publish any post.

2. Unleash the Power of Facebook Paid Marketing

As more and more content is being created every second, it has become quite difficult to reach the targeted audience with an organic post.

However, this predicament can be removed with paid or a boosted post. The best part is that you can reach a person who does not follow your page.

When we are talking about paid Facebook post we are actually talking about Facebook boosting. Nowadays, Facebook marketers prefer targeting smartphone and tablets to targeting Laptop or Desktop users.

How to promote facebook page free

While making your Facebook ad, make sure that you have optimized your content for mobile device apart from desktop devices.

That's because smartphone and tablet users of Facebook are constantly on the rise.

Device usage of Facebook users
Source: Statista

Facebook Advertising Strategy Explained

The Facebook advertising or boosting process is as simple as pie. To boost a post of your Facebook page, you need to hit the Boost Now button, specify the audience type, select the duration of the ad campaign, allocate the budget for the campaign.

Interestingly, Facebook will give you the estimation of the audience size every time you specify the demographics before you pay for the campaign.

We suggest you watch the following precise video that shows how to boost a Facebook post easily.

Tips to Consider while Setting up Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Target the Leads of Your Website

Did you know that you can target your website leads with Facebook? However, the lead that you are targeting must have a Facebook id associated with that email.

Only Promote Best Contents

While promoting your content on Facebook, try not to boost each and every content. Rather you need to boost only the best content so that your audience gets impressed with your product.

Retarget Using Facebook Pixel

When visitors start a session on your website. Some of the visitors exit your site right after viewing product descriptions or keeping their preferred products in the wishlist or checking out without completing the payment process.

Interestingly, if you are running a WooCommerce website, you can retarget these visitors with Facebook Pixel and WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

Ending Thoughts on Facebook Marketing Strategy

The facebook marketing ideas I shared in this article are one of the most effective marketing tips out there. Still, there is a myriad of untapped tricks in the world of Facebook marketing.

Yet, the best way to be an expert on Facebook marketing is to learn your user behavior and interest and do A/B tests while you are trying to reach your audience either in an organic way or in the paid method on your own.

Finally, if you know better tips for Facebook marketing, let us know in the comment section below so that we become grateful to you forever. 🙂

Happy Facebook marketing!

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