Role of a CRM Software in eCommerce

If you're an eCommerce owner but you're still not aware of the term CRM, then you're missing out on the best chance to grow your sales. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is quickly becoming the most effective way to connect better with customers.

Customer Relationship Management allows you to collect data about your customers and using them to improving their experience of using your service. Its effects on business are huge.

A properly implemented CRM solution can yield an ROI of $2.50 to $5.60 for every dollar invested.

– FinancesOnline

This is just an example of the vast benefits of CRM in your business. In this article, we will inform you about the roles of CRM in eCommerce business. So let's get going!

Why Do You Need CRM Software for eCommerce Business

Role of a CRM in eCommerce

The CRM market size currently has a value of $120 billion and it is growing 12% every year. There is more than one reason behind that. CRM has essentially changed the way businesses connect with their customers. Especially, CRM is crucial for small businesses and eCommerce.

Nowadays, collecting customer data is essential for eCommerce business. It helps you on –

  • Improving your customer experience.
  • Managing contact information of your customers.
  • Better sales forecasting.
  • Sale growth through exclusive information.
  • Enhancing your marketing and promotion quality, and many more.

So now you have a basic idea of how you can be benefited through a CRM software for your eCommerce business. So have a look at some statistics that will make you even more interested in a CRM in eCommerce.

CRM Stats

See the benefits? That is why CRM is now a must for any business. Especially, integrating a WordPress based CRM with your existing WordPress based eCommerce website can result in the growth of your sales.

Role of a CRM Solution in eCommerce

Over the years, the ECommerce business has become tougher with fierce competition. This is because of the fact that more and more people are starting new ventures every day. Using cutting-edge technology like CRM tools can take you a step ahead of that competition.

By letting you make data-driven decisions, CRM helps your eCommerce business grow immensely. It ensures high ROI and improves your bond with your customer. Let's have a look at the crucial roles of CRM in eCommerce.

Segmentation of Different Customer Type

Customer Segmentation

What if you can know and differentiate the types of customers of your website? In that case, it'd be easier for you to target them with specific marketing approaches. It would eventually result in an increase in sales and create a better connection with your customer. No, all these are not just theory!

With CRM tools you can sort your customers by their gender, location, age group, interest, and so on.

Personalization of Marketing Strategy

When you have a database with segmented customer contact, there's a lot that you can do with it. For example, let's say you have a website for selling music. Each age group would have a different choice of music, right? Now if you see a piece of music is getting popular within a specific age group, you can send an email to all the people on that age group with a link to listen to it. It'd certainly result in more click percentages than sending it to all your customers.

This is how you can personalize your marketing strategy if you use CRM tools for your eCommerce.

Getting Relevant Information

Relevant Data

CRM tools give you a unique opportunity to access relevant information. Advanced CRM tools can let you know the activity of your customer on your website. This can help you make better decisions. How?

Let's say, you can get insights of exactly when your users are leaving your website and you noticed that people are leaving your website after adding a product to the cart. Then you'd have the chance to improvise that product with better product descriptions and images.

These are the little information that let your decision making easier and better. And a CRM tool can let you access this type of specific information easily!

Building Customer Loyalty

Building Customer Loyalty

When it comes to eCommerce, customer loyalty is highly important. There might be just a couple of supermarkets in your area, but you can access a hundred eCommerce site within a couple of clicks and a google search.

Yet, people choose the likes of Amazon and Etsy. This is because they were able to build a loyal customer group. One of the key ways to build customer loyalty is by providing them what they want. If you give accurate product recommendations, relevant promotional mail, customer loyalty will grow eventually.

Of course, the quality of the products matter. But you have to make them interested in your platform and have a positive impression on them.

Customer Retention

Doing all the hard work of attracting customers can go in vain if you can't retain them for a long time. CRM can be the main difference between an eCommerce owner who is struggling to retain customers, and another one who's not.

Presenting relevant advertisement, email and notifications can attract people to come back on your website and buy more products from you. Retaining customers using CRM, is not a theory, but a possibility.

Reducing Costs & Losses

Modern CRM modules can provide you a detailed report on your sales and inventory. This helps you forecast your future sale of products. Thus you'll be allowed to assess the demand for a product and store them accordingly.

This way, you can reduce the cost and margin of losses by many folds.

Providing After Sale Support

Using CRM means preventing customer's problems, even before the problems arise. CRM gives you access to customer information that you can use for knowing your customer better. So whenever, a customer needs after-sale support, it would be easier for you to resolve the matters as you already have all the necessary data in hand.

You can also implement support ticket for your customers for resolving all their problems systematically.

Boost Your Sale with CRM Software

CRM for eCommerce

In the modern eCommerce scenario, the importance of CRM software can not be ignored. That is why more and more people are using CRM software for their business. Business owners like it because it allows them to turn customers into happy customers. And who doesn't know that happy customer means more sales!

While there are various types of CRM software available on the market, if you use a WordPress website, WordPress CRM would be the best choice for you. This way it will be easy to integrate and run seamlessly.

WP ERP CRM is one of the prime examples of CRM tools for WordPress.

Efficient eCommerce Business with WP ERP CRM


WP ERP CRM is the stand out CRM tool for anyone willing to use CRM solutions for their eCommerce website. Apart from regular features, you can get additional features from it by using exclusive add-ons for CRM.

Its features include –

  • Smart contact management.
  • Contact groups for easy categorization.
  • Advanced contact filtering.
  • Managing users with life state.
  • Logging different activities.
  • Scheduling meetings with customers.
  • Assigning tasks to team members.
  • Personalize Communication with customers.
  • Insightful Reports for your analysis.

Now you can realize why it is term as the best CRM tool for WordPress. It has an array of features that will cover all your needs regarding customer relationship management.

Ending Notes

The role of a CRM tool in eCommerce is undeniable. From connecting with your customers better to offering them the personalized offer, CRM can be your angel of success. The question is not why to choose CRM for your business but what CRM to choose for your business.

WP ERP is by far the best on that list. If you are still deciding, we also have a blog for you to compare and choose the best CRM.

Your customers are the main pillars of your eCommerce business, so pick the right CRM and keep them happy.

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