weDevs 2020 Flashback: A Remarkable Year of Growth, Success & Customer Happiness

2020 has been a great year for us here at weDevs. Yes, the best year so far regarding the growth, customer happiness, and our overall achievements. In 2020, weDevs earned 160% more than 2019 and that's not everything!

It's (18 March) our birthday, weDevs’ 8th anniversary of working with WordPress and SaaS solutions. And I'm here to share with you what we did in 2020 and the success and growth we achieved throughout the year.

Also, what we're planning to do in 2021 to make the WordPress community more powerful and help you reach your goals.

weDevs reached some incredible milestones in 2020. We are really delighted to see the love and trust you've put in us on the way to becoming a WordPress Brand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sadly, again this year when I'm here talking about the weDevs 2020 flashback, the whole world is fighting against COVID-19. 2nd and 3rd waves going on across the countries. Hundreds and thousands of people are deeply in trouble. Businesses are passing the worst period ever. So, this is not a time for celebration.

But you know that we have to move on and find out what to do next helping each other across the countries.

Before diving into what happened in 2020, let's get a quick summary of weDevs by the numbers.

weDevs 2020 in Numbers

weDevs 2020 in numbers
weDevs 2020 in numbers

Starting back in 2013 as a startup, I and Tareq always focus on making WordPress more powerful, user-friendly, and easier. And we chose our tagline as ‘We create things that work.'

We have tried our best to develop something great that helps people make their everyday journeys more comfortable and convenient.

And today we are happy to see products like Dokan, WP User Frontend, WPERP, WP Project Manager, WCT, wePos, HappyAddons in the list to make the community Stronger.

Regarding all our major products, last year we saw a number of the total-

  • 3.6 Million downloads
  • 210k+ active installations
  • 47M+ traffic
  • 300+ reviews and more

Celebrating weFamily Day 2021

weDevs family day, weFamily day
1st weFamily celebration in weDevs' 5th Birthday

I and Tareq always give priority to our employees. We do what our team loves to do. So, 4 years back in 2017, we decided to make our family members come closer by engaging them in our birthday celebration program. We announced 18th March as ‘weFamily' day!

weFamily Day 2021

It's really amazing to let our family members know what we do and how. It's lovely to see our parents and child enjoy throughout the day and share their stories.

Last year, we canceled our 7th Birthday celebration due to COVID-19. But we did not miss the chance this year in 2021.

Time flies. We should not miss the chance to get together with our family & loved ones and write new moments for the future celebrations.

weDevs 2020 Flashback: Our Contributions to Make Your Life Easier

If you want to create something unique, you need to start from scratch. weDevs could be just an example of that. During our University days in 2008, I and Tareq used to run a WordPress site, for blogging purposes actually. Today We have a company of 85 people. Thanks to Almighty.

We always love to share our journey, the experiences we had, the additions we brought in the system with our customers. This takes us closer to our audience and we feel more connected this way.

If I look back, it was 2017 when weDevs moved to a bigger office with only 25 employees. Now we have around 85 people working in different teams. Around 250% growth within 3 years!

First thing is, we work as a family here and we always use the term “weFamily” while addressing issues in our meetings.

Product Growth and Contributions from Development Side in 2020

weDevs product development
weDevs product development

This is the part I personally focus on all the time. Development obviously is the most significant part of any software company. As we believe in creating something that works so there is no compromise. And you will wonder listening that last year we have added an astounding 4.9M+ lines of code. It truly broke all the former records done in a single year.

We are quite accustomed to reaching new heights. Because we have released our free and pro plugins a whopping 249 times. That’s more than 60% growth over the previous year’s total release.

That’s not the end! We knew, hiring the right people would be a cog in the machine for our company. Apart from the business team, content-marketing, and support team, our development team is also rapidly growing.

Product Development and Feature Updates in 2020

A bigger team is supposed to contribute more. That’s exactly what happened here at weDevs in 2020. Our developers have outpaced their previous contributions with a number of new features. You can check out our products' new features, tweaks, improvements, and fixes that were done in 2020.

You can check both the feature page or changelog.

  1. Dokan
  2. WP User Frontend
  3. WordPress ERP
  4. WP Project Manager
  5. HappyAddons
  6. wePos
  7. weMail
  8. Appsero
  9. WooCommerce Conversion Tracking
  10. WPHive and others

2020 was an amazing year for us and we did exactly what we dreamed of.

Contribution towards WordPress

Like each year, many of our team members contributed to making WordPress even better in 2020. Our Developers contributed to the Core WordPress from the beginning! And we are really proud of this. This year, one of our business team members Ahmed Kabir Chaion selected in the list of core contributors of WordPress 5.6. Get our previous story of contribution.

Not only that, but a group of our former Developers Tawhid Islam, Edi Amin, Mehedi Hasan, Rafsun Chowdhury, and MD Sultan Nasir Uddin also contributed to making WordPress powerful and far better.

Yes, that's my team's strategy. We love to contribute to the community just like we work for us!

How We Work to Make Our Customers Happy

Customer Happiness growth in 2020

Providing proper support is the most significant part of a technical organization. At weDevs, we ensure real-time support about what our customers need and want. Since we are basically a WordPress product development company- customer support and satisfaction are our first priority.

I can proudly tell you that we have experienced a great year for our customers’ happiness in 2020. Our support team achieved remarkable growth ensuring on-time problem-solving.

We are happy because our customers are happy. And this is how we are trying to take our company- weDevs to the next level.

The best thing is- we started providing truly 24/7 support from the beginning of 2019, dividing the whole team into 3 shifts. And we maintain it even in the tough time of Covid-19!

Take a look at what our support team has done in 2020.

  • 99k+ replies
  • 331+ ticket resolving per day
  • 100k+ live chat

…and many more!

Isn’t it great regarding only a year?

And the lovely thing is- our Support team launched a specialized service called ‘weCare.'

Yes, pain is now ours to set up, customise and maintain your eCommere Marketplace. You just focus on what you want to gain!

Feedback from Our Valuable Customers

As a co-founder and CEO of weDevs, I always give extra priority to customer support. Yes, we try our best to make our customers happy ensuring real-time support in all the aspects. But nothing would matter if these don’t meet our customers need.

Last year, we got 230+ 5 star reviews! Check out what our customers say!

Customer feedback in

you will always see a reason to say yes to Dokan, everything I needed I got, especially with the amazing support forum, I am so impressed. Thanks, Dokan!- meremzy

Not only that, but we also got the same appreciation and love from a huge number of our beloved customers.

We got 70+ Trustpilot reviews and 150+ reviews regarding all our major products!

Do All These Really Matter?

We believe customers are kings. So we prefer what our customers need all the time.

customers-at-the-heart-of-all-we-do here at weDevs
Yes, customers at the heart of all we do here at weDevs!

Customer satisfaction isn’t only important, it works like a key to success for any business. If customers aren’t happy, it’s simply impossible to go ahead in this competitive era of business.

At weDevs, we treat customers like our family. So that you can easily understand our dedication towards our beloved customers.

Stay with us, we offer state of the art products and ensure real-time support.

Content Creation in 2020

weDevs content creation in 2020
weDevs content creation in 2020

Previously at the end of 2017, we shared how weDevs is reshaping its content and marketing strategy. In the process of executing that strategy, we have become a bigger team of 13 members in 2020. So the team's growth was about 30%.

We have started sessions like Knowledge sharing and Growth Hacking on a regular basis. These are helping us become more confident, creative, proactive. And most importantly, these are helping us to get ready for the global audience.

Since weDevs works with digital products, content marketing is the soul of our marketing strategy. But we always have trust in the motto “We don't create content for sale”. We try to create value for our audience. This motto of ours and the love we get back from you, keep us working, motivate us to create more valuable content for you.

Continuous evaluation and improvement have always been the focus of our team. To thrive consistently, there’s no alternative actually. We know and believe that. Now, like the previous years, we’re feeling constrained to share our data-driven assessment with you. So, let the numbers do the talking.

content development

Throughout the year 2020, we have successfully created and published around 650 well-researched articles for 6 of our sites. 300 documentations and 150 videos. Kudos to the content developers!

We all know that content isn’t only about articles, it also includes designing, idea-generating, sharing, implementing, and so on. Let’s have a look at the contributions of our designing team. Shall we?

Contributions from Design Team in 2020

weDevs design team done really well throughout the year 2020. Let the numbers tell.

weDevs design overview
weDevs design overview

7k+ designs and 2.5k+ frontend pages got updated. ALmost 400% growth from the previous year- 2019!

Just give a check to their product wise design and development from below. It's simply awesome.

Thanks to their hard work. It's not possible to run campaigns, and other marketing or branding activities without their creative efforts.

Growth, Trust, and Love We Achieved in 2020

Now it’s about you, dear customers. Yes, YOU! We’re really glad that you paid a visit to us. You’re also doing it right now, thanks for that.

weDevs traffic generation
weDevs traffic generation

With you and with the increased number of unique visitors as well, over the year 2020, we saw a 65% to 200% increase in the traffic on our sites. Isn’t that amazing?

Now, you may be wondering about the number of users of our site. Well, the growth rate, in this case, is even better! Compared to the user count of 2019, we have got an 80% growth in 2020.

These are all about traffic. Let me show you the conversions and downloads We got last year.

3.6 million total downloads! Total active installations or running businesses are 210k+.

With all this traffic and the constant effort of every member of our team, no doubt our website is improving daily. The Alexa ranking clocked on the last day of the last year was around 9.6k. Which means a 200% leap in the ranking.

weDevs product growth
weDevs product growth

Growth was not only achieved in the downloads, but also in the active installation count and revenue.

We Believe in Continues Learning & We Practice Growth Hacking!

It's about 15 weeks in a row, we started joining in a growth session. We read books, discuss and debate about different tricks and theories, choose the best ideas of the week and forward them to the right people to test and deploy.

Yes, you guessed right, we are actively learning and practicing one of the most effective but low-budget marketing methodologies called ‘Growth Hacking“.

As anticipated, all these efforts and achievements resulted in more revenue. In 2020, weDevs earned 160% more than the previous year!

We Started A Truly Global Brand Ambassador Program

weDevs' goal was and is to develop a true customer-friendly environment and make the WordPress community strong. Yes, from the first day of our journey. I and Tareq always aware of giving back to the community and we believe that customer is king.

weDevs Brand Ambassadors

So at the beginning of 2020, we launched weDevs' very own Brand Ambassador Program. From the USA to Australia and Singapore to India- we have already appointed 13 Brand Ambassadors in 13 countries. They are actively contributing as the flag bearers of weDevs in their respective countries.

We will make this program more powerful in the upcoming days and there will be one ambassador from each country. As I already said-they will dedicatedly work for weDevs and WordPress.

Yes, that's how we want to go ahead, together.

Customer Happiness and Stronger WordPress Community are always our first priority!

Team weDevs Getting Bigger Day by Day

I'm thankful to Almighty God and my team for what they have done to turn 2020 into the most fruitful year. I and Tareq also thinking to help and support them in all the possible ways. With having facilities like Gratuity and Provident Fund, this year we started adding corporate facilities and health care programs.

weDevs human resources
weDevs human resources

Yes, as I mentioned earlier that they are our family, not employees. So we try our best to treat each one of them as a family member. And last year we got 30+ new members in the weDevs family by evaluating over 2000 candidates. Now we are a great family of 85 members!

As we always believe in team power, we try to get the best ones!

weDevs 2020 Flashback: Looking Forward to a Rocking 2021

The year 2020 has been the most fruitful year for us here at weDevs. Yes, in terms of business growth, customer satisfaction, and conversion rate; all.

But What I believe that- 2021 will be far better than in 2020. Want to know why?

Last year, We focused mostly on product development and breaking down the boundaries we have around us. We already introduced some awesome tools like Dokan App, WPERP Pro, weMail, Appsero, WP Hive to make your life and business journey easier.

weDevs product launch

More tools are on the pipeline to turn this year into a great one! Let's have a quick look at these tools I mentioned.

  1. Dokan Mobile App: Turn your Dokan powered marketplace into a mobile app for the customers. Let people shop from your multivendor store more conveniently.
  2. WPERP Pro: Automate & Manage your growing business even better using Human Resource, Customer Relations, Accounts Management right inside your WordPress
  3. weMail helps you create & send engaging emails, grow subscriber lists, promote services & products all within the WordPress dashboard with your preferred email sending gateway.
  4. Appsero is a killer WordPress licensing and plugin management tool for WordPress developers and marketers. Deactivation data, comprehensive analytics, automatic update deployment, product licensing & more exciting features waiting for you in the list.
  5. WP Hive is a smart WordPress repository that lets you find desired plugins with all sorts of insights. Apple did it with Appstore, we’re doing it for WordPress!

Yes, this is how we are working here at weDevs with a dedicated team of 80+ members.

Is It the End of Everything We're Doing for You?

No! But this is just a beginning for us. We are planning really big in 2021, especially to make Gutenberg Editor more powerful and feature-rich. We are working with a few remarkable projects (a good number of, actually!) that would be more impactful in the upcoming days!

Coming to the end, I want to repeat that 2020 was really a fruitful year for weDevs. And this was possible not just due to the energy or dedication of any particular team. We achieved such a milestone due to the collective effort of the whole weDevs team. You too are part of this success.

So we dedicate this success to you, dear customers, and each one of our hardworking delegates from the Support, Developing, marketing, and content team.

Thank you, everyone. Feel our love. Stay with us and of course, keep us in your prayers!

Nizam Uddin
Written by

Nizam Uddin

Nizam Uddin is the Co-founder and CEO of weDevs. He is a passionate and ambitious entrepreneur and a team leader who likes to use his entrepreneurial skills to create things that help people. He is involved with a number of startups that use technology to improve people’s lives and humanity. His ultimate professional goal is to combine technology and business to develop something that will help improve people’s lifestyle and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

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