10 Inspiring Examples of Membership Level Names to Attract More Members

Are you struggling to generate attractive titles for your membership tiers? Here you'll find many actionable and inspiring ideas for creative membership-level names.

Community members usually enjoy different experiences based on their chosen membership level. And meaningful membership title plays a vital role in their selection process.

Besides, membership level names are often the first thing people will interact with regarding membership. As a community manager, label your membership levels with names that correlate with your offers.

In return, you can easily hook your prospect members and trigger their motivation. This motivation leads them immediately to hit on the “sign up” button.

This blog shows you 10 examples of membership-level names so you get some inspiration to create your own. Before going into the main part, let's answer a common query-

Why Your Membership Level Names Need to Be Creative

Membership names are one of the most important elements to grow your membership community. This is the place people generally interact with when they're already in the buying process.

A meaningful and unique membership name can inspire your audience to act in your favor.

It's always a good idea to name your membership levels in line with your brand. For example-

  • Corporates might prefer naming like Affiliate, Patron, Partner, Supervisory, etc.
  • Cosmetics brands can put the membership name like Lover, Devoted, and Obsessed
  • Sports brands can select the membership name like All-Star, Most Valuable, and Apprentice
  • A horticultural club may name its membership levels like Leaf Guard, Plant Parent, and Green Parent
  • Food sites offer memberships like Censor, Lover, and Foodie.

Although developing an interactive community is not an easy task. If you want to onboard similar-minded people on the same boat, you must understand their minds.

First, get a good idea of what your target audience wants, who they are, and what they are likely to react to. For that, you can get help from previous data or campaign results.

After deciding the benefits that would go with different membership levels, one prime duty is to fix the names of the membership levels. Engaging-level titles have a direct impact on your membership website's conversions.

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10 Creative Membership Level Names Examples That You Can Try in 2024

An illustration of how creative membership level names can influence your visitors

Naming your membership levels aligned with target audiences' interests is always a good idea. It will boost their curiosity and influence them to join your community.

Here we've listed the top 10 brands that creatively labeled their membership levels:

  1. Book Riot- Membership Level Names Based on Facilities
  2. Reading Teacher- Membership Level Names Based On Access Time
  3. Riverhill Country Club- Membership Level Names Based On Age Group
  4. TradersFly- Membership Level Names Based On Interest
  5. D&T Association- Membership Level Names Based On Category or Group
  6. The Hive in Cincinnati- Membership Level Names Based On Billing Cycle
  7. Idea Fab Labs- Membership Level Names Based On Physical Facility Access
  8. Treehouse- Membership Level Names Based On Skill
  9. Spotify- Membership Level Names Based On User Type
  10. Smithsonian- Membership Level Names Based On Supporter

Now we will take a closer look at each of the above-mentioned points. So, before locking your decision check them for getting some new ideas or inspirations!

1. Book Riot- Membership Level Names Based on Facilities

Book Riot- An example of creative membership level names

Book Riot is a popular book blog website in the world. Here you'll find a large number of articles reviewing books from different categories along with podcasts, author interviews, and more.

They offer 3 types of subscription plans to enhance your bookish life:

  • Epic Insiders Subscription
  • Novel Insiders Subscription, and
  • Short Story Insiders Subscription.

These self-explanatory membership-level names become a great hit to establish a big community of book lovers. Also, these names perfectly go with the industry it belongs to. Visitors can easily relate them to the packages. And it boosts their interest to enroll in a particular program. 

2. Reading Teacher- Membership Level Names Based On Access Time

readingteacher-An example of creative membership level names

Reading Teacher offers several reading programs and gives access to a particular period. It includes:

  • Free first level
  • Monthly Access, and
  • One-time payment for Lifetime Membership.

They labeled the first level “Free” as it offers all the teaching materials completely free. People can also join two other programs paying fees.

If you offer any of your membership facilities free of cost, it's better to keep the name Free or Basic. So people can easily grab the motive and feel interested to enroll.

Here the two other names are also simple but people can easily understand the criteria of the plans. It helps them pick the right direction to proceed.

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3. Riverhill Country Club- Membership Level Names Based On Age Group

A screenshot of Riverhill Country Club membership site

Riverhill is a renowned golf club that resembles the friendship of golf legend Byron Nelson and famous course designer Joe Finger.

Many families come here generation after generation to be a part of this tradition. They enjoy and participate in different games like golf, world-class tennis, swimming, etc. There are also options for fine dining, events, and fun activities for your entire family.

They offer 7 types of membership starting from $150. Such as:

  • Full Golf Family
  • Social Family
  • Junior Family
  • Junior Executive Family
  • Senior 80 Family
  • Corporate Family, and
  • First Responder Family

They've divided the levels depending on different age groups, specific residents, and other considerations. You can get some extra privileges by having multiple memberships inside your family. Most importantly, their membership labeling process is so relatable with their providing facilities.

4. TradersFly- Membership Level Names Based On Interest

tradersfly- An example of creative membership level names

TradersFly offers various subscription plans to provide information on stock charts using technical analysis and trade stocks profitably. Their membership levels include: 

  • Options
  • Swing Charts, and
  • Technical Analysis

Soon they are planning to introduce two new membership groups named Group Coaching & Small Cap.

They labeled the membership plans so relatively that people get a primary idea about the facilities it could have. All these plans are based on several areas of investing. You can also follow this idea if you have different plans where each focused on a specific topic or interest.

5. D&T Association- Membership Level Names Based On Category or Group

d&t institute- membership level names

The Design & Technology Association provides advice, support, and training for teaching design, engineering, and technology. They have a large community of over 24,000 teaching professionals

Their membership levels are:

  • Primary Membership Options
  • Secondary Membership Options
  • Corporate Membership Options, and
  • Consultant Membership Options

Under each program, they offer advanced techniques and support for teachers. It includes specific facilities for a particular group of people.

If you have specific services for different categories of people (E.g. student, employee, or retired), consider this naming process for your site. It helps your audience choose the right plan that fits their criteria.

6. The Hive in Cincinnati- Membership Level Names Based On Billing Cycle

An screenshot of hive- membership level names

Many membership businesses prefer to name their membership levels based on the price or billing frequency.

This is one of the most popular ways to name your membership level. However, you can add some unique flavor aligned with your brand or industry to attract your possible subscribers. The Hive in Cincinnati has followed the same technique on its website.

Their membership levels are named: 

  • DUAL, and

These names are simple, clear, and to the point.

Therefore, people with a focused mindset can easily go for their desired plan. If your membership site also offers facilities based on time, you might consider a price-related name like Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual.

It's a great idea to bring money upfront so people can easily compare the prices for monthly and annual programs.

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7. Idea Fab Labs- Membership Level Names Based On Physical Facility Access

ideafablabs-membership level names

Idea Fab Labs gives you access to high-tech tools and design software and helps you develop new skills through classes and workshops. By joining this interactive community, anyone can collaborate with fellow members on fun and interesting projects.

They have a wide range of membership options to accommodate your needs as a maker. Here you'll get the chance to use the facilities of Idea Fab Labs for a particular period.

Idea Fab Labs offers 3 types of memberships:

  • Fabrication Membership
  • Pro Membership, and
  • Pro+ Membership

They keep their naming style so generous. Considering the equipment access, they arrange their facilities into different levels and label the title accordingly.

8. Treehouse- Membership Level Names Based On Skill

techdegree programs- An example of creative membership level names

Many membership businesses are working for people skill development such as language learning, professional development, sports, music, dance, writing, coding, and others.

For skill-based membership levels, people usually pick names like:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced, and
  • Expert

But there is an option to make it interesting and exciting. Treehouse offers several Techdegree programs to learn and earn certificates on a particular topic.

Techdegree learning includes courses, workshops, and quizzes. It also has a cooperative Treehouse Slack community for live support. They've named their membership levels focusing on the main learning topic of the course.

You can also name your membership levels considering the main benefits that your members would get from the subscription plan.

9. Spotify- Membership Level Names Based On User Type

spotify-membership level names

Spotify is the world's largest music streaming service provider. You'll find millions of tracks, podcasts, or episodes on Spotify. It has over 381 million monthly active users, along with 172 million paying subscribers.

They have 4 subscription plans named:

  • Individual
  • Duo
  • Family, and
  • Student

They arranged each plan targeting a specific type of user or group of users. Many music and movie subscription sites follow this type of naming structure. You can also apply this idea if you sell both individual and group membership plans.

As a result, people can easily pick the right solution for them. If your packages are for individuals and businesses, you might title your plans as Personal, Team, or Enterprise.

10. Smithsonian- Membership Level Names Based On Supporter

smithsonianassociates-levels of membership

The Smithsonian Institution consists of several U.S. museums, education, and research centers. Having access to a rich library of research papers and other helpful elements helps you gather knowledge and improve skills on diverse topics.

They have 9 types of membership levels for their supporters. It includes:

  • Associate
  • Champion
  • Promoter
  • Advocate
  • Contributor
  • Patron
  • Sponsor
  • Partner, and
  • Benefactor

These names are simple yet descriptive to explain their motives.

You can also name your supporter-based membership levels focusing your members' contribution and efforts on your site. It is a great option to build a fan-based membership community. Make the titles interesting and engaging for your supporters or patrons.

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How to Pick the Right Platform for Your Membership Site

If you're planning to create your membership website, WordPress could be an easy way to start. Needless to say, this CMS platform makes web development simpler for everyone.

From personal portfolio to eCommerce site, everything is now possible within limited customization. Moreover, a rich collection of useful plugins lets its users include unlimited features.

For example, WP User Frontend is a frontend builder plugin that allows you to create a membership or subscription website in less than 30 minutes.

Top Features of WPUF Especially Designed for Membership Websites:

  • Simple configuration process to set up a membership website
  • Easy process to charge users for posting in multiple ways
  • Option to set pay-per-post on forms
  • Content restriction for your premium users
  • Special VIP section for exclusive content

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Using WPUF, you can include several subscription levels inside your membership website. It requires only a few steps to add your subscription details such as name and pack description.

First, configure your WordPress website and activate the basic plugins including WP User Frontend. Next from your dashboard navigate to WP-Admin → User Frontend → Subscription → Add Subscription.

An screenshot of WP User frontend to create subscription packs

Here you get the option to design your subscription plans with all the details. It includes the billing amount, the validity of the pack, the expiry date, and the recurring payment model for your Subscription pack.

An screenshot of WP User frontend 
 to edit subscription

Below we've created 2 new Subscription Packs- The Elite & The VIP and included the package details.

How to name your membership levels using WP User Frontend

Most amazingly, WPUF gives you all these facilities completely FREE. Moreover, you can extend the facilities with premium modules. For instance, Paid Memberships Pro Integration lets you create different membership levels and assign them to different user roles.

Best Practices for Naming Membership Levels

An illustration of how to name your membership levels in WordPress

Below, we'll explore some best practices for naming membership levels that will help you attract more members and keep them engaged over time.

  • Balance Creativity With Simplicity
  • Focus on Content Access
  • Naming After Payment Frequency
  • Understanding Buyer Goal

I) Balance Creativity With Simplicity

The task of poising between modesty and resourcefulness is vital while naming the membership. Resourcefulness explains the opportunity you are getting in membership while modesty helps to understand it easily.

Do not hesitate to name the membership which might be silly but sounds fun and unique. You should clarify one thing that it should not be confusing to the would-be buyers. If it blends well with your niche and brand then people can immediately relate the plan to their needs.

For example, a cooking club that teaches various foodies to become perfect chefs through their membership level:

  • Mindful Mediterranean
  • All-access

In all aspects, the names will attract the foodies and will understand the inherent offers.

II) Focus on Content Access

Often sites that offer membership levels based on the content access prefer good, better, and best levels. Good indicates the basic level which is only accessible for a few contents or products. Better give more access and best offers all. It is a well-accepted model.

Definitely while naming, you are also looking at your competitor sites and finding the same. So, don’t be afraid to use something new. You can use a portion name that opens for a basic level membership and all-access or endless for the best membership. In this way, you can reach your would-be buyer quickly.

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III) Naming After Payment Frequency

Many sites offer membership for payment mode. Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly are the commonest name of the subscription. On these sites, the entire content or features are accessible for the payment period. If you're planning to allow users to get facilities based on the payment you must be strategic.

At least introduce 2 tiers of Monthly and Yearly subscriptions. As a monthly pricing option lowers the barrier to entry by offering a reasonable price. Though site owners usually like yearly package just because it brings quick revenue. But for quick onboarding and gaining customers' confidence, you should include a monthly plan on your website.

The biggest OTT platform Netflix has monthly and annual plans. Within the annual package, you need to pay less for a month than the monthly plan price.

You should keep the monthly fees lower within the annual package. It encourages people to go for a long period.

IV) Understanding Buyer Goal

If the member's name shows it understands the buyers’ needs, it attracts people. The name helps the buyer to see at a glance how near they will reach having the membership. Remember, if you can tie the names with your prospective member's emotions, your company will stick in their minds.

Name most relevantly that directs people in the right way. The perfect example could be the cooking site we've mentioned above. There the first membership name explains the specific expertise while the last name expresses the ultimate expertise.

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Bonus: Common Mistakes to Avoid to Choose Catchy Creative Level Names

Now you know how to choose catchy creative level names for your membership websites. However, when you are choosing membership names, you should avoid some bad practices.

In this part, we are going to discuss a few mistakes to avoid to choose catchy creative level names for your membership websites:

  • Using generic or unoriginal names: Avoid using names that are overly generic, such as “Basic,” “Standard,” or “Premium.” These names lack creativity and don't do much to excite potential members.
  • Using names that are too specific: While you want your names to be relevant to your membership levels, avoid being too specific. Names like “Silver Access” or “Gold Member” might work for some businesses, but they're not very creative and may not resonate with all potential members.
  • Using names that are difficult to remember or pronounce: Avoid using names that are too long, complicated, or difficult to spell. Potential members should be able to easily remember and pronounce the names of your membership levels.
  • Using names that are not relevant to your target audience: Consider your target audience when choosing membership level names. If you're targeting a younger demographic, you might want to use more creative and playful names. For an older demographic, you might want to use more sophisticated and professional names.
  • Not considering the overall branding of your business: Your membership level names should be consistent with the overall branding of your business. If your business has a fun and quirky vibe, your membership level names should reflect that. If your business is more professional and established, your membership level names should be more traditional.

Are you facing problems to set the right price for your membership site? Here are 5 steps to set a perfect membership pricing strategy.

Come Up With Your Creative Membership Level Names

Marketers lead people to do something in a particular way. On a membership website, the prime duty would be enrolling people into the premium membership tier.

For that, you have hundreds of jobs to perform. Such as-

  • Arranging the packages according to people's preference
  • Setting the price considering your customers' financial status
  • Including an engaging call-to-action button, and most importantly
  • giving attractive names to your membership levels.

In short, you need an effective membership strategy to run your business successfully.

Your membership-level naming strategy should match the facilities you intend to provide. It, therefore, leads them to the right way and get what exactly they want. A perfect name is useful to show how innovative your brand is and how much you care about your users.

Within a fraction of a second, the name hits their minds and they build a perception of your company consciously or unconsciously.

So, how are you planning to develop your Membership Level Naming Strategy? Do comment below to share your tips that we would add to our list.

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