Why WP User Frontend Is Still the Best Selling Frontend Plugin for WordPress?

If you do own a WordPress website and have multiple users, you may have to give access to your users to your website. But providing access to your users from the backend is not a good idea due to some safety issues.

To get rid of this trouble, you need to give access to your users from the frontend of your website. But how? Well, you can do it without any coding knowhow, just using a WordPress frontend plugin, WP User Frontend.

However, in this article, I will show you how this plugin is still the best selling frontend plugin. Now, let's begin.

A Brief Introduction to the WP User Frontend Plugin

WP User Frontend - the best selling user frontend plugin for WordPress

As I said, WP User Frontend is a plugin to allow users of a website to access your site from the frontend. Be it a form submission or content restriction, or registration form builder – everything is possible by even providing with a Frontend Dashboard.

Here is a list of usecases of the plugin:

  • Build a Membership Site for free
  • Restrict Contents
  • Build a User Directory
  • Provide Guest Posting Support
  • Create Events
  • Provide Registration Forms and Profile Forms.
  • Create Customizable Forms for Multivendor Platforms.
  • Create Customized Frontend Dashboard
  • Provide Personalized My Account Page
  • Provide WooCommerce Support
  • Redirect Users to a Custom URL or Page
  • And a lot more.

Currently, WP User Frontend has more than 20000 active installations. The tool is available both in free and pro version.

Reasons Why the WP User Frontend Is Still the Best Selling Frontend Plugin

As of today, the plugin has a great customer satisfaction rating (Currently, 4 out of 5) in the WordPress.org. And here is a customer satisfaction experience:

This is really a great enhancement in WordPress. The normal and the Pro version has quite many possibilities. Therefore, I needed help and got it within one or two days. So I can suggest it for anyone who will build a blog with frontend capabilities.

Joseph von Bajan

For your information, there is no close alternative to WP User Frontend to date and it is the best selling frontend tool because you can:

Build a Membership Site for free

If your website has a plethora of useful contents and it is attracting hundreds or thousands of visitors everyday, then it's time to monetize your contents by creating a membership site using the subscription feature.

Guess what! You can build a professional quality membership site by WP User Frontend with just a few clicks.

Learn how to build a membership site Using WP User Frontend

Restrict Contents

With the WP User Frontend plugin, you can restrict your certain contents like photos, music, videos, articles etc. to a certain set of users.

The best part is that you can select the users you want to show the contents. For example, you can select the subscription users or logged in users to show your contents.

Build a User Directory Site

Yes, you are heard it right! You can effortlessly create a user directory site using the WP User Frontend plugin.

best selling frontend user plugin

All you have to do is to configure the User Directory module, that's it! Once your users fill out a form and submit it, they will automatically be being added to the user directory list.

You can go through this article to know how to create a user directory website.

Learn how to make an alumni website using WP User Frontend Plugin

Provide Guest Posting Support

If you are dealing with lots of contents on your site, it is a very common phenonmenon that you have to reach out to guest bloggers and collect contents from them to publish on your website.

Fortunately, you will be able to use the Guest Posting feature of the WP User Frontend and let your guest writers post contents from the frontend. How cool that is!

best selling frontend plugin

Learn How to Allow Guest Posting on Your WordPress Site

Create Events in Best Selling Frontend Plugin

WP User Frontend will allow you to create Events for a business. Here you can see that an event for a concert has been created with the WP User Frontend:

best selling frontend plugin

Learn How to Create Events in WP User Frontend

Build Registration Form & Profile Forms

Like a form builder, you can also build registration forms & Profile forms with drag and drop form builders. You can keep the options to upload photos or files with the registration forms with high customizability.

best selling frontend plugin

The form builder comes with a host of predesigned templates, so most of the cases, you don't have to create forms from scratch. This way, you will be able to save your time and effort.

Create Customizable Forms for Multivendor Platforms

Did you know that WP User Frontend Pro ships with amazing customizable registration forms for multivendor marketplace solutions, Dokan multivendor and WC Multivendor.

You will get prebuilt templates for this purpose:

best selling frontend plugin

Learn How to Build Registration Forms in WP User Frontend

Create Customized Frontend Dashboard

Admins can see their subscription site's information from the frontend dashboard. As an admin, you can do it by just using a shortcode. You will be able to see the post names, theirs status, payment info and other options.

best selling frontend plugin

Learn how to use the frontend Dashboard

Provide Personalized My Account Page

The users will get a unified my account page as per their user roles. Since you are restricting your users to get to the backend of your site, you have to give a special previlege to your restricted users.

best selling frontend plugin

As you can see from the above screenshot, the user cans see his/her Dashboard, Posts, Invoices, Billing Address, Subscription info etc. He/she can also edit his/her profile from the my account page.

Learn How to Create the My Account Page

Provide WooCommerce Support

If you are using WooCommerce and you have a manager or a website maintainer, you can allow him/her to create products directly from the frontend. He or she will also be able to select product categories or can upload product photos.

best selling frontend plugin

Learn How to Upload Products to Your WooCommerce Website

Redirect Users to a Custom URL or Page

After a successful form submission, you may want to show the visitor a success message by redirecting to any custom page or post. You can do so just by using a custom URL. That's it!

best selling frontend plugin

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Final Words on Best Selling Frontend Plugin for WordPress

From the above discussion, we can conclude that there is no single plugin that contains these features altogether in WordPress ecosystem. It's like a single frontend solution that is addressing a series of problems. Due to this versatile usage, WP User Frontend has gained the title, best selling frontend plugin for WordPress.

If you are using the WP User Frontend plugin already, let us know which aspects you like most about the plugin in the comment section below. And if you are yet to harness the power of this plugin, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and start managing your WordPress website from the frontend like a Pro!

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